A day long conference centred on front-end development & design.

Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London

About the event

EpicFEL is a friendly, inclusive full-day conference built around the amazing front-end community in London. In its third year, the event is affordable, accessible, and will feature inspiring and insightful talks on a variety of topics.

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Last event’s speakers

  • Lily Dart

    Building stronger teams for better user experience

    User experience is no longer just the remit of designers. Everything from server infrastructure, to API design, to button interactions, to the colours in the branding can effect the experience of the things we design and build.

    When everyone on the team is influencing the user experience, it's a difficult job to keep everyone working to the same standard, with the same goals in mind. So what do we do when our team dynamic is confusing our user experience?

    Lily will be talking about the qualities we need as team members to make our user experience successful, and what can happen when we struggle to motivate the people we work with to work towards the same goals.

  • Andy Davies

    The case for HTTP/2

    HTTP/1.1 was standardised in the 1990's and the web has dramatically changed since then. In this talk Andy will explore what's different about HTTP/2, why we needed to update HTTP, and what impact it has for us as developers and consumers of the web.

  • Seren Davies

    Death to icon fonts

    Do you use icon fonts? Are you aware of their shortcomings? In this talk Seren will highlight some of the accessibility issues that icon fonts have and discuss an alternative.

  • Emma Pratt

    What the heck do I know? confidence and self-assurance in a geek dominated industry

    Sharing knowledge matters, especially in a fast paced industry like the internet. When there is a new technology or a new way of doing things, word of mouth or social media are key means of disseminating information about it. So what stops me, and others like me, from standing up and sharing what we’ve figured out or discovered? This is a whirlwind exploration of self-doubt, confidence, and encouraging diversity in the tech workplace.

  • Ben Scott

    The step after styleguides

    Styleguides provide a useful means to visualize the components within your website, yet they are sometimes treated as second-class citizens that need extra work. In this talk I will discuss why component libraries are a good start and how that core idea can be expanded. I will show how to use a component library as a foundation for your application, how to formalise the transformation from data objects to visual components and why this helps speed up development and ensure visual consistency.

  • Edd Sowden

    Accessibility and how to get the most from your screenreader

    Building an interactive accessible website is often thought of as a black art. Covering some of the mistakes and pitfalls we made building GOV.UK, including building a single page "app", I will explain how you can check to see how accessible your websites are. You should come away armed with the ability to start checking and improving your sites today.

  • Peter O'Shaughnessy

    A hybrid app journey

    We’re building an app for iOS and Android, using React, Flux and Cordova. This is our “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” journey from zero to real, working app.

    I’ll cover: Setting up a sane workflow, using Gulp and CI; React + Flux for real - architecting and testing a complex app; mistakes we made, so you don’t have to!