Front-end London is a free evening meetup hosted by Made by Many that's dedicated to all aspects of front-end development.

We aim to cover a wide variety of topics around the technology, tools, processes, and experiences of front-end development, with thought-provoking talks from a variety of speakers.

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James Higgs
James Higgs
Made by Many

Making tradeoffs

There are no absolutes in technology except this one.

Tim Perry
Tim Perry

What the hell are web components?

Web components are the next Next Big Thing for the front-end, offering a fundamental change to how we build the web. There's lots of people talking about them at a high-level, but it's hard to tell how this fits together in practice, or why it's interesting. Let's talk about that.

Phil Nash
Phil Nash

WhatRTC? Everything you need to know to connect browsers to the world

Traditionally browsers talk to servers, but what if they could speak to each other? WebRTC is a small set of APIs that make peer to peer communication possible between browsers. Video, audio and data can flow from browser to browser opening up a new set of possibilities for the web. We'll take a look at what WebRTC gives you and, importantly, what it leaves out. We'll take a look at implementing a simple chat application and speculate over more complicated use cases and examples.