Front-end London is a free monthly meetup about front-end development & design.

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Tickets available 19 March


  • Layla Porter

    Quick wins with JavaScript templating

    Layla is passionate about keeping code reusable and maintainable and JS templates enable her to do this. In this talk, Layla will cover the benefits of using JS templates, discuss the pros and cons of some common templating libraries, and show you how to quickly implement templates in your code base.

  • Dave Cooper

    Dave Cooper

    Mocking made easy

    Injecting mocked data into web applications in 2019 still isn‘t as easy or intuitive as it should be... this talk dives into why that is and looks at a different way to do it!

  • Germain Souquet

    Evolution of video on the web

    It has been nearly a decade since the HTML5 video tag landed on browsers, and now, it’s ubiquitous on the web. We’ll go through a journey to see how the web platform has evolved as well as what the future will bring for video on the web.

About the event

We aim to provide a variety of interesting talks on peoples’ experiences in front-end development. Previously we’ve had talks on process, tooling, performance and technology, to name a few. Expect more of the same and lots more.

To kick off the evening there’s pizza (with veggie/vegan options) and refreshments (wine/beer/soft drinks/etc). All finished up with an obligatory trip to the local pub — if that’s your kind of thing.

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Speaking at Front-end London

We would like to hear from first-time and seasoned speakers alike. Get in touch if you’d like to propose a talk or recommend a speaker. For more information contact us through or @frontendlondon.