Front-end London is a free monthly meetup about front-end development & design.

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  • Nicky Thompson

    CSS Shapes - upgrade your page layouts

    Grids are essential for lots of sites, but did you know that you can also use CSS Shapes to make more visually interesting layouts? We'll go through some properties that you can use to progressively enhance your layouts and shake up your grids.

  • Richard Bultitude

    The Conditional Orchestra

    The Conditional Orchestra is a web app that converts weather data into music — a personal project Richard has been developing for almost two years. In this talk he reveals the creative inspiration behind the idea and the technical challenges that kept him up at night. He'll explain how some of the most rewarding experiences on this journey were unplanned, for example, writing a JS module for generating musical scales and contributing to an open-source API wrapper

  • Ian Feather

    Testing without assertions

    Analytics is a crucial feedback loop to BuzzFeed content creators but actually testing the system is working is a hard problem. End to end tests are notoriously flakey and analytics are invisible. So, we deleted all the assertions in our end to end tests. You'll never guess what happened next.

About the event

We aim to provide a variety of interesting talks on peoples’ experiences in front-end development. Previously we’ve had talks on process, tooling, performance and technology, to name a few. Expect more of the same and lots more.

To kick off the evening there’s pizza (with veggie/vegan options) and refreshments (wine/beer/soft drinks/etc). All finished up with an obligatory trip to the local pub — if that’s your kind of thing.

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Speaking at Front-end London

We would like to hear from first-time and seasoned speakers alike. Get in touch if you’d like to propose a talk or recommend a speaker. For more information contact us through or @frontendlondon.